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Act Two: Prodigy Duet

Prodigy is an enthralling series of seven Acts, a re-imagination of the Phantom of the Opera, fusing gothic fantasy, time travel, and alternate history elements. In Act Two: Prodigy Duet, Erik and Carlotta's bond forged, they set out to take control of Garnier opera, beginning with the removal of Christine, Carlotta's overly talented understudy. Christine's disappearance further draws her friend, Raoul, into Erik's deadly web. Already haunted by the disappearance of his brother, Philippe, Raoul risks all to find Christine. Struggling to find any leads, he enlists the support of the enigmatic Madame Giraud, a long-serving employee of the Garnier, rumoured to have a psychic connection with the fabled Opera Ghost. Can theyn save Christine from the danger she faces? Find out in this epic series, spanning centuries, from the past to the distant future. See YouTube video


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