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Paperback 281 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9944209-2-3

eISBN: 978-0-9944209-3-0

RRP: $24.95

Trim Size: 229 / 153 mm

Do we have an Infinite Number of Lives? 

Do we have an infinite number of lives? Michael Leon’s haunting debut novel, EMISSARY, explores the possibility we live in a multiverse made up of infinite universes. 


Vincent is a scientist plagued with strange nightmares since childhood. He has successfully treated his illness with drugs and kept it hidden from his colleagues, particularly Ella, the beautiful and intelligent scientist from whom he also struggles to hide his affection. But what if his experiences were real and the dark energy that crawls inside him now threatens the existence of the universe? 


As his nightmares return, Vincent unravels the secrets of his past, with the help of Ella and the ever-guarded Constantine. Revealing their other-world origins, they need his help to destroy the Entity that was created when Ella created a portal to Vincent's universe. As Vincent grapples with his love for Ella, he traverses Europe in pursuit of answers, learns how to travel at the speed of light and confronts his perception of what is real.


But can he trust his friends? Could he ever truly be with Ella, and what is his scientific destiny so revered by his colleagues?


EMISSARY is a poetic novel spanning the romantic cities of Europe, yet only a step removed from the limitless worlds of the multiverse (infinite universes).

“What an exciting book! From the very first the reader is dropped into the action.......sci-fi like it's meant to be.......vibrant and full of surprises.......a whirlwind of new discoveries."

Rose, Long and Short Reviews


Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer

Michael Leon is an explorer, writer and author of the new novel, Sentient. Professionally trained in international trade, Michael has  spent the last decade reading and writing SFF novels about new and future worlds to be explored. His latest work, Sentient, imagines Earth in the year 2120. Michael has traveled extensively around Europe, walking the paths of his characters, from the famous European opera houses in Phantoms, to the mountain tops of Switzerland in Emissary

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Chandelier is the genre-bending scifi/fantasy-romance novel follow up of my 2019 book, Phantoms. Chandelier  follows one AI sentient's journey, Benny, whose loyalty for a famous opera singer, Madame D'Arenberg, sets him on a dangerous course that entangles 22nd century technology in the Phantom's 20th century dark web.

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