A Modern Remake of the Classic!

Phantoms is an adult fiction that tells the story of Erik Destler, a latter day Phantom of the Opera. Erik sets out to take over and rule the Palais Garnier, with La Divina - Carlotta Caccini, as his queen, but he is thwarted by his nemesis, the original Phantom of the Opera, now the Opera Ghost. Phantoms is set in that same famous Paris opera house, amidst the staging of Verdi's opera, Macbeth, one hundred years on from the first appearance of Le Fantome de l'Opera in 1910.

Book Details

Paperback 376 pages

ISBN: 9780994473165

RRP: $19.95

Trim Size: 8 / 5.2 inches

“One of my favourite parts of this fast-paced novel is the voice behind the story telling. It had me captivated from the beginning.....It's certainly a story that I would recommend.”

Kimberly Love

Next in the series

Phantoms Act 2 - released in late 2021

Phantoms Act 2 is an adult fiction that continues the story of Erik Destler. Three years on, the phantom returns to the Palais Garnier in new guise as Gianni Rossi, a wealthy operatic producer harbouring the secret ambition to compose and stage his own opera, Phantoms. To succeed, he must again face his demons - the Opera Ghost, the people whose lives he destroyed during his reign of terror, and the new opera manager, a phantom from the past. Phantoms Act 2 is set in Italy, and then that famous Paris opera house amidst the staging of Verdi's La Traviata. 

Phantoms: Final Act - released in 2022

Phantoms: Final Act is an adult fiction that continues the story of Gianni Rossi, a latter day Phantom of the Opera. Following his triumph with the production of La Traviata, Gianni's dream of bringing his own opera to the Palais Garnier is thwarted by the opera manager, Phillipe D'Arenberg, a deadly foe. Gianni sacrifices all for true love and to fulfil his dream. In so doing, his true identity is revealed, and he becomes the Opera Ghost, watching his perfect creation produced by Christine and Raoul. Phantoms: FInal Act is set in that same famous Paris opera house amidst the staging of Gianni's opera - Phantoms. 


Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer

Michael Leon has published three novels: Cubeball; Emissary and Phantoms. He is currently writing Sentient which will be released in 2020. His work ranges from speculative fiction to fantasy romance. Prior to that, Michael worked as a business analyst and published international agribusiness books.

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Sentient is the story about Dane, who is returning to Mars, the home of his youth, where his pioneering parents perished while developing a rare natural resource, Elithium, the only known major deposit in the solar system.

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