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Chandelier: The legendary Phantom of the Opera reimagined! 

Chandelier imagines its retelling for future generations. This gothic tale takes up where Book One, Phantoms, ended, Erik's dramatic escape from the Garnier as Paris police attempt to arrest him. But, did Erik find a safe haven, or had his escape ended in the river Seine's murky depths as rumours claimed?

The truth  remains hidden, seemingly lost in time, before a humanoid, Benny, is drawn into the Phantom's dark world. Here, 21st-century super-intelligence collides with 20th-century malevolence, revealing dangerous secrets in this tale of time travel, love lost, grand opera theatres and the ghosts that inhabit them.

Benny, a talented musician, is delighted to be contracted by Diva (Madame D'Arenberg) to help deliver her final performance at the Paris opera house. However, his satisfaction turns to alarm as he is swept up in the Phantom's world, exposed to Diva's past enemies. Ultimately he learns deadly secrets about Diva's tragic life that could threaten his very existence, yet ironically uncover the truth about his mysterious origins.

“An action-packed psychological thriller that is eerily predictive of what our human race just might face .

Hurn Publications

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