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Will the Future be a Post-human World?  

In 2120, the human species has been relegated to minority status. A century of rampant, unchecked climate and technological change and subsequent catastrophic global pandemics, has laid claim to the very young, accelerating post-human development. With the help of 'biot' androids, ironically the human race's finest creation, post-humans' fulfill their aspiration, colonisation of the galactic, led by the largest post-human corporation on Earth, Apollo Corporation.   

Gaea, a preeminent human organisation is tasked with returning Earth's climate to pre-industrial  conditions and developing new off-planet habitable zones. One such zone is run by Dr. Zi Walker, who's extracting a rare, highly prized natural resource (Elithium), that fuels nuclear fusion reactors to drive the terraforming process. Bu there's one last piece of the puzzle to make terraforming of the whole planet a reality. The development of a multiverse quantum computer (Trojan), a Gaea funded project, overseen by her brother, Dane.    


Dane is compelled to leave those he loves, to help Zi terraform Mars. He and his biot assistant, Hali, accompany the smuggled Trojan computer on a shipment of terraforming equipment bound for Mars, but enroute, the project is infiltrated by Apollo secret operatives assigned to stop them and take the Trojan computer. An epic battle ensues, that will prove to become a flash point in human, post-human relations and the evolutionary fate of mankind.

“A fast-paced science fiction tale with enough action and suspense to keep the pages turning."

The Avid Reader

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