Can Humanity Survive Unnatural Selection? 

Sentient: Dane (protagonist) is returning to Mars, the home of his youth, where his pioneering parents perished, developing a newly discovered resource, Ilithium. Both rare and valuable,  it will provide cheap unlimited fuel to nuclear reactors being assembled by Zina (Dane's sister), her ultimate goal, to terraform Mars. But one last piece of the puzzle remains - the delivery of a Multiverse Quantum Computer. Nicknamed 'Digital Heaven', this advanced equipment is also sought by their adversaries. Where humans wish to terraform Mars, their adversaries are castes (part human and biot) who seek to use Illithium to fuel their vast fleets to expand space exploration and colonisation.  Sentient will be in two parts.


Part One: Voyage to Mars (completed mid 2019)

Dane is assigned the task to oversee the delivery and installation of new terraforming equipment on Mars. However, he also has a secret mission to deliver the smuggled Digital Heaven machine, hidden in the cargo. Nearing Mars, it becomes clear that his secret mission has been infiltrated by hostile operatives, assigned to expose his illegal mission. Dane takes action to protect the cargo from his adversaries the castes, who want the machine for their own purposes. Against this backdrop, Dane and his biot assistant Hali, run the gauntlet, attempting to outfox the crew, consisting of biots with divided loyalties. Ultimately Dane prevails, with the help of a military grade biot, secretly assigned to protect him and deliver the Digital Heaven machine to Zina.

Part Two: Mars Base (to be completed by early 2020)

The Digital Heaven machine is assembled, but Dane's sister has disappeared, stalling the project's completion. Dane fears she has been taken hostage by hostile forces, so he and a team of biots take on the perilous task of rescuing her.

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Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer

Michael Leon has published three novels: Cubeball; Emissary and Phantoms. He is currently writing Sentient which will be released in 2020. His work ranges from speculative fiction to fantasy romance. Prior to that, Michael worked as a business analyst and published international agribusiness books analysing the food industry.

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Sentient is the story about Dane, who is returning to Mars, the home of his youth, where his pioneering parents perished while developing a rare natural resource, Ilithium, the only known major deposit in the solar system.

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