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The Prodigy Series

Updated: May 4

Discover the mesmerising world of Prodigy, a series spanning seven fantasy novellas that weave together gothic fantasy, time travel, and alternative history.

Set against the backdrop of the Palais Garnier opera house, the series unfolds the epic saga of Erik Destler, a tormented prodigy haunted by phantoms and driven by a thirst for vengeance. From his deadly alliance with diva Carlotta Caccini in Prodigy Rise to their turbulent conquest of the opera world, the narrative delves deep into the shadows of the opera house. The series progresses, in Prodigy Duet, where the disappearance of Christine, a talented understudy, draws her friend Raoul into a desperate search, unveiling a web of secrets that ties back to the fabled Opera Ghost. The suspense intensifies in Prodigy Fall, leading to a dramatic crescendo where music and mystery collide on the grand stage, the infamous opening night at Garnier.

Prodigy Phoenix catapults the story into a future where the boundaries between humans and AI blur, unraveling a legacy of secrets through the eyes of Benny, a performer linked across centuries to the original Phantom. This epic journey through time explores themes of legacy, identity, and the eternal allure of the operatic world, inviting readers into a narrative as haunting as it is timeless.


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