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Book Review: Phantoms

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

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The legend lives on in Phantoms as modern day Phantom of the Opera, Erik Destler, plots to take over and rule the famous Paris Opera House. This is a tale about many phantoms - the real, imagined and ethereal - that haunt us all.

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This was a stunning take on the original Phantom of the Opera - one of my favourite stories and operas (think Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera - and there were even excerpts from the famous musical)! I was thrilled to find the cast of characters: Erik, Christine, Carlotta - and life from the Paris Opera Garnier at the turn of the century was beautifully described. The writing was excellent, drawing me into the tale, first from Erik's point of view, then Carlotta's and Christine's. The story took twists and turns as the tale unfolded. Erik is a serial killer hiding in the tunnels beneath the opera - Carlotta is insanely jealous and is seduced by Erik. Christine is a Prima Donna with the voice of an angel, and as their destinies collide, the ending seems inevitable. With the backdrop the opera, 'Macbeth', the story is absolutely captivating. A must read for anyone who loves 'The Phantom of the Opera'. 5 STARS

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The water gently lapped on the man-made shore, dampening the mirror black of Erik's infantry boots, the only flaw in his freshly pressed military outfit. Dressed in jet black formal uniform with only his cape of royal blue providing a splash of colour, he gazed out on to his private lake. He tenderly held a bouquet of fresh cardinal roses and studied his reflection. It took Erik back to a past life, so far removed from his present, that he wondered if it really happened. He smiled cynically. It could have been his wedding day.


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