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Favourite SFF Mars Novels

Real life robotic explorations of Mars has been capturing the imagination of new generations just as science fiction novels about Mars captured the imagination of previous generations. There has been a rich tapestry of SFF novels over the last century. From The War of the Worlds (1898), Out of the Silent Planet (1938) to more recent works such as the Red/Green/Blue Mars trilogy. Our neighbouring planet has served as a stunning backdrop to many classics, leading to debate over the best ever.

All of the above classics influenced me in choosing to write my own novel about Mars, SENTIENT. C S Lewis’s classic, Out of the Silent Planet was the first book I ever read, over fifty years ago, inspiring my lifelong fascination for books that explored the future. The War of the Worlds has been the motivation for a large number of film and television interpretations of H G Wells famous book. I still enjoy seeing new versions of this enduring classic. My favourite SFF novel about Mars goes hands down to Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy, a masterpiece of hard science fiction.

Do you have a favourite?


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