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Book Review: Emissary

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Vincent is a scientist plagued with strange nightmares since childhood. He has successfully treated his illness with drugs and kept it hidden from his colleagues, particularly Ella, the beautiful and intelligent scientist from whom he also struggles to hide his affection. But what if his experiences were real and the dark energy that crawls inside him now threatens the existence of the universe? As his nightmares return, Vincent unravels the secrets of his past, with the help of Ella and the ever-guarded Constantine. Revealing their other-world origins, they need his help to destroy the Entity that was created when Ella created a portal to Vincent's universe. As Vincent grapples with his love for Ella, he traverses Europe in pursuit of answers, learns how to travel at the speed of light and confronts his perception of what is real. But can he trust his friends? Could he ever truly be with Ella, and what is his scientific destiny so revered by his colleagues?

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What an exciting book! From the very first the reader is dropped into the action, and the mystery surrounding Vincent. This is science fiction like it is meant to be and I could so see this on the big screen (some of the special effects would be awesome). The characters are wonderfully drawn. I really enjoyed them and their interactions, all the while rooting for the developing relationship between Vincent and Ella. There are some sad moments, but I don't want to give away any spoilers. The book is vibrant and full of surprises. The author takes the reader on a whirlwind of new discoveries and forever changes the lives of the characters in it. Kudos, Mr Leon. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. 4 STARS

Read an Excerpt

Vincent's mind separated from its familiar place, leaping from his body like a freed jaguar. He studied the movement of sight and sound around him, aware of every vibration and photon. The carriage was ablaze with the chaotic movement. Then he heard the blast of the train's horn in the distance, and his call to ride the storm. More by reflex than by thought, he moved his focus from the inside of the carriage to the unprotected surge of energy building in front of the train like a concentrated pulse of wind.

Meet the Author

Michael Leon has published three novels, Cubeball, Emissary and Phantoms. He is currently writing Sentient, which will be released in 2020. His work ranges from speculative fiction to fantasy romance.


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