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Book Review: Cubeball

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A naturally gifted ex-national champion and a savant with a computer-like mind compete against the world's best in the 22nd century's most popular sport - CUBEBALL - the chess-like, technology enhanced, snooker of the future where the world stage is dominated by gambling, drugs and massive audiences.

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Mr Leon has done it again - brought us an exciting story with some wonderful characters. As the story is not told linearly, we get a chance to see Mickey's background while at the same time living his present day life with him. We get a chance to see the under side of the professional sports heroes (and wonder if our own professional sports heroes fall prey to the same kinds of things). The characters are where Mr Leon really shines through - they are richly drawn and by the end of the book you feel like you really know them. The world building is wonderful - I feel like I was really there. I hope Mr Leon sets future books in this world. I would love to revisit it. 4 STARS

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At that moment Mickey knew he had to play his way and make a shot that would not be forgotten. He called 'power play'. He imagined the perfect shot in his mind's eye as he circled the table twice, deliberating his fateful shot. The balls loomed large, but strangely different. The table appeared more circular than a cube as he lowered his chin to his carbon steel cue. The whole shot played in his mind as he drew back the cue to strike the cue-ball with a force that engulfed the whole stadium. The crack of the cue-ball as it struck its target echoed sharply its warning of an imminent tidal wave of spin and curve that would capture the imagination of every fan in the stadium, or at home in front of their cubebit. In one game changing savage strike, the red ball fell into the pocket as the cue-ball savagely spun into the red triangle, spreading the reds in all directions from the centrifugal force of the cue-ball. Mickey slotted twelve red and black combinations in four minutes, gaining an unassailable lead. He followed that with a perfect defensive stroke, leaving the cue-ball safely jammed behind yellow. Flaveau conceded the game and the match, shell-shocked by the unique high-spin attack Mickey had unleashed. The break was soon nicknamed 'the pulsar' and it had secured Mickey the first semi-final and a shot at the world title.

Meet the Author

Michael Leon has published three novels, Cubeball, Emissary and Phantoms. He is currently writing Sentient, which will be released in 2020. His work ranges from speculative fiction to fantasy romance.


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